Visit to Brighton: our guide to uncover the city’s secrets!

Brighton is a small town in southeastern Britain. It is only an hour from London by train. One way or another, it has become one of the main cities for Londoners to spend the weekends as it has all the characteristics of a charming coastal city.

How to get to Brighton

You can go to Brighton by train from Victoria Station or St. Pancras in London. The trip takes about an hour. There is also the bus option with National Express. Prices are lower but the duration of the trip can be double that of a train. There are also direct train and bus lines from London Gatwick, Luton and Heathrow airports. Finally, if you come from another country and are not afraid to drive on the left, the car can be a very good option as well!

Accommodations in Brighton

In Brighton, you will find accommodation types for all budgets. There are several good spots to stay in. Some of them are very close to the city center! Charming hotels are an option too. Ultimately, for good and economical options, you can opt for online search in websites like this oe, specialzied in providing flats to rent in Brighton:

What a vacation day in Brighton looks like

The first thing you can see is North Laine. You just have to get off Queens Rd to get to this alternative neighborhood. Walking around this area is like going back in time. It is a neighborhood with a unique atmosphere thanks to its shops and pubs (around 300!) where you can find vintage clothing, vinyl records, antiques, used books, designer rugs etc. Between the walks and the display windows, take the time to drink a coffee on a small terrace and enjoy the setting. If you definitely need to visit a museum in every city you go to, a good option here is the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, which is free! Before going down to the beach, you can walk in the labyrinth of The Lanes. Formerly it was a fishing district, and today it is currently a shopping area. You can find shops, jewelry stores, antique shops and good restaurants. The Brighton waterfront is very enchanting and walking by is a great activity. It is full of bars and stands and finally ends on the pier. Sit on one of its terraces and drink something cold. You will also find the famous colorful houses in this area! The beach of Brighton is not sandy but is made of stones (rolling stones!). This is not the most comfortable place to have a nap, but you can rent a lounge chair and let yourself be enchanted by the sound of the waves.




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