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Anguilla Guide History

Colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650, Anguilla was administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century, when the island – against the wishes of the inhabitants – was incorporated into a single British dependency along with…

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Phillipines Travel Guide

One of Asia’s less ventured destinations is the Philippines. Most people who travel there are experienced backpackers or people who take “time out” to travel and therefore have a longer time to explore. Manila, Philippines’ colourful capital, is where most…

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Malaysia Guide

Since trouble in the country has settled, Malaysia has become a popular tourist destination. Many people chose Malaysia for their vacation to experience the contrasts in ethnic background, the historical monuments and wonders of the big cities with all its…

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Cambodia Guide

Once being a dangerous and unattractive prospect for a holiday, Cambodia has in recent years proved to offer an array of enjoyable experiences for a traveller. Whilst visitors used to stick to stick to well known attractions such as Angkor…

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South Africa Guide

South Africa is an ever increasingly popular country to visit. It offers a very versatile experience where you can mix up your holiday with a wild safari at one of the game reserves and then a more sedate and relaxing…

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Kenya Guide

The number one reason to visit Kenya on any traveller’s list is undoubtedly to go on safari. To share the Kenyan countryside with some of the most magnificent animals on the planet is nothing less than awe-inspiring. If you are…

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